"Four Seasons Perfume Balm" carries a soothing and sensational scent that lasts for long hours.   The perfume balm can moisturize skin and its scent can keep away mosquitto. Skin allergic-proof.


"Spring" - Base scent is orange, which gives a refreshing and awakening feeling just like in Spring.


"Summer" - The balm carries a medinical tone as its key ingredients include cinnamon, clove, camphor, borneol, wormwood, and eucalyptus oil. The scented balm can keep away mosquitto effectively, soothe ichiness, refresh your mind, prevent vomiting, and relieve joint pain. Not recommended for use of pregnant women and children under 12 years old.


"Autumn" - The sweet osmanthus base scent amplifies the feeling of relaxation, happiness, and love in the golden season. 💓💝💗💖💘


"Winter" - This is a very classic Chinese scent, bringing you back to the ancient China, which is tranquil, elegant, and pure. Best scent for meditating, playing music, making poems, writing, and reading 😌🙏Base scent is plum blossom. 



Four Seasons Perfume Balm (15g)