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Net weight: 100g







青蒿藥皂 Artemisia Carvifolia Medicated Soap

  • Discovery of Artemisinin - “A Gift from Traditional Chinese Medicine to the World” said winner of Noble Prize of Physiology or Medicine 2015, Madam Tu Youyou.

    Artemisinin is derived from Artemisia Carvifolia. According to Ancient Chinese  medical masterpieces, Artemisia Carvifolia is a therapy against malaria, fungus, dermatophytosis, acne, eczema and inflammation.

    The soap is made under low temperature mainly with Artemisia Carfvifolia,  enhanced with numerous herbal medicines according to a secret compound formula. Its effect is remarkable and has been proved by many famous Chinese herbal doctors throughout Chinese history. 

    It cleanses and sanitizes, leaving the skin supple. It is so mild that it is suitable for all people including infants and pregnant women to use as shampoo, face-cleanser and for bath or shower. 

    Ingredients: Glycerine, Artemisia Carvifolia and other herbal medicines, lanolin, natural medicated oil.

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