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Volume: 150ml




綠色「迷蝶香-夏蝶」: 晶盈水潤啫喱狀中包含的是至為珍貴天然的珍珠提取液、茯苓提取液,人參提取液,透明質酸鈉、香葉提取物、金縷梅提取液、維他命E等,充份給予身體肌膚至珍貴的營養,各種氨基酸,防止肌膚老化及色斑,緊緻全身肌膚、補濕、深層滋潤、消除皮膚因光照,輻射,高溫、低溫、風吹,日曬對皮膚造成的負擔。久用膚如凝脂


白色「迷蝶香-冬戀」: 帶罌粟花香氣的珍珠人參潤體露, 讓皮膚緊緻滑溜,易吸收快滲透,像鏡頭下的毛豆,輕柔灑脫地略為塗搽一點點便可以

迷蝶香 潤膚露  Butterfly's Love Body Lotion

  • This oriental fragrance body lotion symbolizes plum blossom undauntedly bloom in frigid snow, demonstrating beauty and noble. Inspired by the passionate and implicit love story between Liang and Zhu symbolises the promise of eternal love forevermore. It offers a sensation of comfort and pleasure. It leaves your skin soft and delicately scented.

    Green "Butterfly Perfume - Summer Butterfly": This crystal-clear, moisturizing gel contains precious natural extracts such as pearl, poria cocos, ginseng, sodium hyaluronate, sweet osmanthus, witch hazel, vitamin E, and more. It provides the skin with valuable nutrients, amino acids, prevents skin aging and pigmentation, tightens the skin, moisturizes deeply, and eliminates the burdens caused by sunlight, radiation, high and low temperatures, wind, and sun exposure. Prolonged use results in skin as smooth as condensed cream.

    White "Butterfly Perfume - Winter Love": A pearl ginseng body lotion with the scent of poppy flowers, it makes the skin smooth and firm, easily absorbed and quick to penetrate. Like edamame under the lens, gently apply a little, and it's just right.

  • 兩款選擇:夏蝶清爽型 (淺綠色啫喱狀)及 冬戀滋潤型(白色乳狀)



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