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- 融合天然風鈴草芳香,舒緩心靈,宛如置身花海之中。

- 獨特滋潤配方,保持雙手長時間水潤,不再乾燥粗糙。

- 輕盈易吸收的質地,給予雙手零負擔的呵護體驗。

- 迷你便攜設計,隨時隨地享受滋潤呵護。


Experience the soothing embrace of nature's care with Mini Bellflower Hand Cream. This hand cream combines the delightful fragrance of bellflower with moisturizing nourishment. Enriched with natural plant extracts, it provides enduring hydration, swiftly absorbing without any greasy residue. The compact and portable design allows you to carry it effortlessly, ensuring your hands are pampered wherever you go. Beyond moisturization, it also offers a tranquilizing sensation, transforming each skincare moment into pure indulgence.

Key Features:

- Infused with the essence of natural bellflower, soothing the soul like a stroll through a blooming field.

- Unique moisturizing formula maintains lasting hydration, banishing dryness and roughness.

- Lightweight and easily absorbed texture offers hands a burden-free nurturing experience.

- Miniature and portable design, enjoy moisturizing care anytime, anywhere.

迷你玉指膏風鈴草味 Hand Cream (Campanula Scented)


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