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蘊含珍珠粉、二氧化鈦,阻隔紫外線及空氣污染物, 保護肌膚免受紫外線傷害,同時具有護膚、美白功效,使皮膚乾爽、舒適,防止皮膚老化。粉質幼細、輕、白、紅、香,適合用在身上,作防曬、香體、爽膚之用。嬰兒及敏感肌膚亦可使用。


* 附送優質粉樸一個

防曬爽膚鴨蛋香粉 (35g)

HK$320.00 Regular Price
HK$260.00Sale Price
  • This traditional egg-shaped pearl powder cake contains pearl powder and titanium dioxide, which block ultraviolet rays and air pollutants, protecting the skin from UV damage, and at the same time, has skincare and whitening effects, keeping the skin dry, comfortable, and preventing skin aging. The powder is fine, light, white, and fragrant, suitable for use on the body as sun protection, fragrance, and refreshing the skin. It can also be used for babies and sensitive skin.

  • Available in four fragrances: Gardenia, Jasmine, Rose, and Osmanthus, with delightful scents. Comes in four shades: Fair, Light, Medium, and Rosy Fair.

    * Includes one high-quality puff as a gift."

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