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刨花水是天然樹膠,黏力好,能夠定型;也是天然免過水護髪素,令頭髪柔順易梳、有光澤;乾後鬆軟有彈性,完全不會黏𥹉,不硬膠著,梳髪時不會變成白色碎屑飄落,方便每日多梳幾次頭,因為【皇帝內經】說:「一日三篦, 頭不白,髪不落」即是說每天梳頭三次就不會白髪脫髪!任何難梳理髪質用了刨花水便熨貼順服。









桂香刨花水 Ulmus Pumila Hair Essence

  • Paofashui (Ulmus pumila Hair Essence)

    In the ancient prosperous ages of China, Chinese ladies all used this miracle Paofashui as their hair conditioner and to set their high hair-dos.

    It is an all natural glutinous liquid from Ulmus Pumila. It is so glutinous that it holds hair-dos firmly. For Over 10 millenniums, it helps manage any unmanageable hair. 

    In the meantime it is also a very effective hair conditioner which requires no rinse. It keeps the hair sleek, smooth and healthy yet leaves no greasy look nor stickiness. According to the ancient Chinese medical masterpiece, “comb hair 3 times a day, then you will not have white nor bald head!”. Paofashui will not turn into dandruff nor hold hair hard so hair can be combed as frequently as possible. 

    Daichunlin’s Paofashui comes with an irresistible aroma of luxurious osmanthus essential oil. 

    Direction of use: As a conditioner and styling gel, apply sparingly onto every strand of your hair from root to end after shampoo or on dry hair. Then style hot or cool as usual. No need to rinse. For extra enhancement, apply once again.

    Note: Paofashui has a silk like strand when pumped out, just cut it by wiping it at the pump head.

    Ingredients: Ulmus Pumila Glutinous liquid, Osmanthus water, Osmanthus essential oil

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